Layer 2 for Dogecoin

Dogelayer is the Layer 2 for Dogecoin, which makes Dogecoin programmable, faster, more widely used and accepted.



With Programmable capability, Dogecoin users would experience enhanced functionality, decentralized applications, and automated transaction execution, expanding the possibilities and creating a more interactive and innovative ecosystem.

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With Dogelayer payments offering instant settlement and minimal transaction fees, users would enjoy a seamless and cost-effective experience, eliminating delays and reducing financial friction in transactions. Web 2.0 apps and websites can easily integrate with Dogecoin payment systems.

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Individual Dogecoin can be inscribed with arbitrary content, creating Dogecoin-native digital artifacts that can be held in a Dogecoin wallet and transferred using Dogecoin transactions. Inscriptions are as durable, immutable, secure, and decentralized as Dogecoin itself.

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libdogelayer encapsulates all the APIs of Dogecoin and provides the functionality to transfer assets to Dogelayer. Users can also utilize libdogelayer to interact with a rich set of dApps on Dogelayer.

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Dogecoin-tunnel allowing Dogecoin to be transferred to Dogelayer-blockchain, users would have the experience of seamlessly bridging between two ecosystems, benefitting from the diverse DeFi applications and liquidity available on the Dogelayer ecosystem.

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Dogelayer-Runtime contains Dogelayer-Blockchain and Dogelayer-Offchain-SDK. Dogelayer-blockchain is fully compatible with EVM. Users can also using Dogelayer-Offchain-SDK to create complex software and write compute result back to Dogelayer-Blockchain.

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DogeLayer DAO

Dogelayer DAO would offer users a decentralized governance experience, allowing them to participate in decision-making, voting, and earning rewards based on their contributions to the Dogelayer's ecosystem. Another major task of Dogelayer DAO is managing multi-signature wallets for Dogecoin-tunnel.